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Summer Fun in Chicago

Summer is the -best- time to enjoy Chicago, so '190 North' is here to show you where to go for 'summer fun' in the city!

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190 NORTH, with host Janet Davies, highlights some of the latest and greatest experiences in Chicagoland including a sneak peek of some of the exciting new Broadway in Chicago shows coming up this summer season.
In this edition of 190 North, we check out a few new Mexican restaurants offering bold flavors, plenty of spices and an authentic taste.
Ji Suk Yi takes you to 3 new 'healthy hot spots'!

The Plant

Mark Nilsson ventured over to "The Plant"...a venture that is an incubator for indoor farming businesses.
190 North is back with another special... and it wouldn't be 190 North without fabulous food!
190 North is back with another special... this one is all about having fun in the summer!
190 North is back with a special that tells you how you can have fun in Chicago this summer!
ABC 7'S 190 North, with host Janet Davies, showcases what's new on Chicago's lifestyle and entertainment scene Sunday, May 4 at 11:00 PM.
190 North always brings you what is fun and exciting in Chicago! In this special, we've got a round-up of a couple of the city's newest dining spots, then, it's 'bottom's up' at an edgy new hangout that is reviving everyone's favorite retro refreshment.
We're heading out of the studio for another special edition of 190 North! This time, the quaint river town of Kankakee is the backdrop for the show...from the banks of the picturesque Kankakee river to two of the town's own Frank Lloyd Wright homes, Janet highlights some of the many unique destinations visitors can enjoy in this small town, just an hour south of Chicago. Barrelhouse Flat | CC Ed...
We've all heard the line 'let them eat cake'. But here in Chicago, it is our love of pie- that is getting a boost with a couple of new spots devoted to this sweet and sometimes savory treat.
Ji Suk Yi introduces us to the tech-savvy 'Citizen Scientist' who's creating a buzz over at the Field Museum.
If you're up for some over the top food and fun, try the food challenges being offered at two Southside restaurants.
See Closed CaptioningMark Nilsson checks out workouts you can do in the great outdoors!!